Gobbi Spare Parts
possesses all permits for storing and
transporting the goods.

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Gobbi Spare Parts’ attention to environmental sustainability is intrinsic in its core business.

By allowing the recovery of used parts, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of raw and processed material, remanufacturing them with ecological criteria where this is possible, the company contributes to environmental conservation.

As the Gobbi Spare Parts activity constitutes the last link in the chain of car scrapping, and is therefore a part of the recovery and recycling chain, it helps to make the world a cleaner place in addition to avoiding unnecessary waste and being environmentally friendly.

Aware that recovery and recycling are a great value, but also a great opportunity, which must become a great benefit for the environment, the company operates in compliance with all environmental regulations protecting the industry.


  • Macerone Permit ( read )
  • Longiano Permit ( read )
    • Permit adjustments 128_45055 ( read )
      • Acceptance adjustments permission ( read )
  • Castiglione d’Adda Permit ( read )
    • Acceptance and guarantee adjustments permission ( read )
  • San Giorgio Jonico AUA ( read )
    • AUA adjustments ( read )


  • FF430NS vehicle Supplementary Documents and cancellation of DD141LM ( read )
  • DM017VZ and FE137GJ vehicle Supplementary Documents ( read )
  • Register no BO 09371 ( read )
  • DT262MC vehicle Supplementary Documents and cancellation of DN837LK ( read )
  • DC516SM, EK706DL, EK713DL, EW943FC vehicles Supplementary Documents and cancellation of DG887PC ( read )
  • EX875PT vehicle Supplementary Documents and cancellation of DD143LM ( read )
  • DM540PB vehicle Supplementary Documents ( read )
  • Cancellation of DC516SM ( read )
  • EN331GK vehicle Supplementary Documents ( read )
  • DS091ZH, FC600JZ, FC601JZ vehicles Supplementary Documents ( read )
  • EA183BS vehicle Supplementary Documents and cancellation of EC269AZ ( read )


  • Cat.8 Registration ( read )