We recover the precious metals contained in spent catalysts

limiting any dispersion to a minimum, thereby ensuring maximum value is obtained for each processed item.
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Expert Advice

Our team of experts is able to supply instant advice by phone or at your location.


Through the use of the best equipment on the market we have a process speed which allows us to quickly quote even large quantities of parts.

Quality Assurance

We monitor and continue to upgrade our working system to allow the maximum profit per piece, minimising dispersion of the platinum metals.


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Gobbi Spare Parts is your most reliable partner
in the collection of spent catalytic converters for recycling precious metals.

We address all categories involved in the catalyst recovery industry – scrapyards, consortia, part collectors, workshops and all industry operators – offering a personalised service which can be adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our team of experts is able to supply instant advice on catalytic converters, by phone or at your location. Thanks to a capillary collection network, exclusively carried out by our specialised staff, we promote direct contact with you, evaluating your needs.

Purchases and their related evaluation, are performed in a transparent manner with the aid of an ad-hoc device capable of calculating the price of each catalyst by taking into account the quantity of the precious metals it contains as well as the official listing of the metals at the time of purchase and the Euro/USD exchange rate. This is our vision to build strong partnerships, promote mutual trust and support your long-term success.

Our business models are flexible
and designed to meet your wishes.

Platino nelle Marmitte Catalitiche

For significant quantities of whole catalysts or ceramic monoliths, it is possible to make an offer based on the final yield given from refining the precious metals they contain. In this case the payment method is really scientific: the supplier is paid a percentage on the final value of the three main precious metals – platinum, palladium and rhodium (Pt, Pd and Rh) – recovered from its specific lot, minus the processing/refining costs. We also offer you the possibility of choosing when to sell your precious metals on the market at the most convenient moment for you.

Our management and production processes are regularly controlled and certified. We strive for innovation and continually try to assess and optimise our processes. A choice that allows us to grasp constant developments on the precious metals market, giving us the possibility of providing the best possible service.

Gobbi Spare Parts is partner with the major worldwide refiners. This ensures we achieve a high level of accuracy and avoids any intermediate steps. It does not matter which model you choose, or what kind of services you require, we classify your catalysts on the basis of an extensive catalogue, we process and analyse the content of the precious metals with a high degree of precision in order to ensure you receive the highest possible yield.

The work phases


Through the use of the best equipment on the market, the yield of the parts recovered per day is remarkable. The professionalism of our employees plays a key role.


Thanks to the know-how acquired with years of experience, grinding and sampling operations guarantee a perfect result in terms of yield and determine an almost perfect correspondence between the extracted samples and the materials obtained.


The machines used to obtain the samples ensure maximum precision, in order to determine the accuracy of the sample. The partnership with high standard and professional third party laboratories allows identifying the percentages of metal concentration.