Disassembly sheets

By accessing this section, you can consult the spare parts Disassembly Sheets: an immediate and useful support enabling you to properly remove the part from the vehicle.

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What are we looking for?

Alternators, small motors, turbines, compressors, manual steering, hydraulic steering gear, electric pumps, common rails, brake callipers, diesel pumps, gearboxes, injectors, power steering pumps, drive shafts, steering columns…

What we offer

Once the deal has been initiated and agreed, our buyers evaluate together with you the payment method that you prefer and begin the procedure. One significant detail: we often buy all that you have to sell…that is, we “empty” your warehouse.

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We have been recovering and selling the complete range of products from vehicle scrapping both at a domestic and international level since 1960. Having always employed trustworthy personnel with proven expertise, we can guarantee an excellent service to our collaborators, in full compliance with current industry and environmental regulations.

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